Therapeutic Services

8-Week Therapy Package
Intensive RMFR Therapy with Peter Bernstein, PhD
Sexual Abuse Treatment
PTSD, TBI and Suicide Prevention Treatment
Mentoring and Coaching
Massage Therapy
Rolfing & Biodynamic Craniolsacral
Group Treatment –

  • Family
  • Parenting
  • Relationship
  • Addiction
  • PTSD, TBI for military and/or civilians

Join us for health and healing in an environment that is warm and peaceful near the river in the Foundry Wharf area of Petaluma. The Institute has a lovely spa-like setting which includes waiting room and kitchen, treatment rooms, group and family therapy rooms, and massage therapy rooms. There is outside seating on the deck upstairs , and a lovely, planted patio off the waiting room with fountain and Jacuzzi.

Foundational to the Bernstein Institute is therapy treatment Dr. Peter Bernstein pioneered from the two dominant disciplines of his 40-plus year career: Reichian psychotherapy and physical release physical therapy. This unique treatment is Reichian-Physical Release Therapy – RMFR™ and it combines the best of both disciplines to produce truly effective, life-changing results in patients’ lives…..healing both physically and emotionally.

New to the Bernstein Institute – Mentoring and Coaching
Many individuals would prefer to get help with setting goals for themselves and receiving the assistance in achieving them without going into therapy. Mentoring and Coaching offers a vehicle for analysis, reflection and action that ultimately enables the individual to achieve success in one or more areas of their life or work. Mentors and Coaches, Jenny Stevenson and Hilloah Levy have 10 years experience helping individuals work through life’s challenges. Hourly rate: $185.00


8-Week Therapy Package
This package is designed to provide therapy, coaching and/or mentoring to individuals, couples or families who want to address their present-day crises, anxiety, depression, resolve issues with spouse, partner or children, as well as work-related problems.

Each therapist is educated, trained and licensed in their respective discipline. Sessions are facilitated by a team of two therapists to provide each individual the best possible solution to their challenge.

Initial 90 minute Evaluation Required $235.00
(Initial Evaluation is designed to assess and determine the
8-week therapy package is suitable for you)
8-week Therapy Package to be paid in advance
$185.00 per session Total $1,480.00

Note: Any referral for additional medical evaluation and treatment is charged separately by outside physician.

Intensive RMFR™ Therapy with Peter Bernstein, PhD
Dr. Bernstein, author of the newly released book, “TRAUMA: Healing the Hidden Epidemic” is an expert on the effects of trauma to the individual. This therapy helps resolve and heal both the physical and emotional pain caused by trauma’s symptom – post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Dr. Peter Bernstein’s 40-plus years of experience as well as his own life experiences give him the ability to help you heal. This therapy is for the individual who feels committed to do whatever it takes to come to the place of peace within themselves and lead a productive life.

Initial Evaluation Required
Fee provided upon request

Group Treatment
The Bernstein Institute offers a variety of group workshops for individuals and couples. Each workshop is facilitated by a team of therapists working with the group to bring about resolution and healing for participants by supporting personal growth and well-being.

Groups available:

  • Family
  • Parenting
  • Relationship
  • Addiction
  • PTSD, TBI for military and/or civilians

Sexual Abuse Treatment & Military Sexual Trauma (MST)
Dr. Peter Bernstein has specialized in this treatment for over 40 years. The staff at the Bernstein Institute is trained, experienced and sensitive to working with those individuals who have been sexually abused. Treatment is sensitive to the individuals’ ability to handle opening up to their trauma and progresses at a rate that is comfortable to them.

We take into consideration the preference to working exclusively with either men or women, depending upon the circumstances of each person’s trauma. Confidentiality is stressed.

Initial 90 Minute Evaluation Required $235.00
Hourly Rate $235.00

PTSD, TBI and Suicide Prevention Treatment for Military & Civilians
The Bernstein Institute specializes in treating those who suffer from trauma; whether it be developmental, shock trauma or trauma from serving in the military. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and suicidal tendencies are some of the signature military wounds resulting from the Iraq/Afghanistan war. The trauma experienced that seems so overwhelming can be healed. Dr. Peter Bernstein, author, TRAUMA: Healing the Hidden Epidemic, expert in treating trauma, specializes in healing — both physically and emotionally — using RMFR™ and other effective therapies/modalities depending upon the needs of the individual. Confidentiality is stressed.

Initial Evaluation Required
Fee provided upon request

Massage Therapy
Take advantage of having one of our professionally certified massage therapists treat your body to an amazing and relaxing experience. All massage therapists have been trained in our unique and proprietary modality called RMFR™. You may want to include a massage after your intensive therapy/bodywork session or you may want to integrate massage with any one of our many services available.
1 hour massage $110.00 1 ½ hour massage $160.00
½ hour massage added to therapy session $ 65.00
1 hour massage added to therapy session $110.00
(These fees will be in addition to therapy session fee)

Rolfing & Biodynamic Craniosacral
Debi Stone, Certified Advanced Rolfer and trained in RMFR™, will address areas of your body in a new and more gentle way that need structural alignment. Debi and another professionally trained RMFR™ bodyworker will work as a team to provide a complete healing experience for each individual.
Rolfing is a deep tissue bodywork that lengthens and softens the fascia or connective tissue and works well with RMFR™.

Biodynamic Craniolsacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on technique that accesses the body’s innate healing capacity and provides a deeply relaxing and balancing effect on the nervous system.

1 hour session $235.00
1 ½ hour session $350.00

There is nothing more relaxing than warm water and Jacuzzi jets hitting those tight and tense areas of the body. You have your choice of enjoying this luxury indoors in your own private Jacuzzi bath or outdoors in the privacy of a garden setting. Make this one of those choices to combine with our many services. Suits required in outdoor Jacuzzi.

Indoor Jacuzzi added to therapy session – ½ hr. $ 50.00
Outdoor Jacuzzi (hot tub) added to therapy – ½ hr. $ 50.00
Private Indoor Jacuzzi with salt scrub – ½ hr. $125.00
(with Institute staff practitioner)

Addiction Recovery

The Bernstein Institute for Trauma Treatment offers a unique and revolutionary treatment for people in recovery.