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Acute and Chronic Physical Pain »

Pain is how your body reacts to trauma. It occurs when nerve endings called pain receptors are activated by injury, illness or stress. At the Bernstein Institute for Trauma Treatment we don’t just treat the symptom, we treat the causes.

Bernstein Healing Protocols/Physical Release Therapy »

Bernstein Healing Protocols/Physical Release Therapy (BHP/MR) is a new healing modality which combines proven, successful treatments for pain.

Team Treatment »

At the Bernstein Institute, we use the team approach in all aspects of treatment including counseling and psychotherapy with patients as well as all bodywork.


Learn the premise behind Bernstein Healing Protocols/Physical Release therapy (BHP/MR) and how it can help you heal from the physical and emotional stresses on the body.

Therapeutic Services »

Join us for health and healing in an environment that is warm and peaceful near the river in the Foundry Wharf area of Petaluma.